Tuesday, Sept. 24
Wednesday, Sept. 25
Thursday, Sept. 26
Friday, Sept. 27
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Tuesday, Sept. 24

Time Program Location
17:00 - 18:00 Scientific Outreach: Welcome reception Audimax
18:00 - 18:10 Scientific Outreach: Opening words (in German)
Tassula Proikas-Cezanne /Tübingen [DE]
Scientific Conference Organizer
18:10 - 18:20 Scientific Outreach: Welcome address (Grußwort, in German)
Boris Palmer /Tübingen [DE]
Lord Mayor of Tübingen
18:20 - 19:00 Scientific Outreach: Public Lecture (in German)
Frank Madeo /Graz [AT]
Ernährung und Gesundheit
19:00 - 20:00 Scientific Outreach:
Podiumsdiskussion (in German) "Autophagie und Ihre Bedeutung für Gesundheit und Neurodegeneration"

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Time Program Location
10:00 Start registration Museum
14:00 - 14:20 Opening Audimax
14:00 - 14:10 Welcoming remarks from the Scientific Organizer:
Tassula Proikas-Cezanne /Tübingen [DE]
14:10 - 14:15 Welcoming remarks from the GBM President:
Annette Beck-Sickinger /Leipzig [DE]
14:15 - 14:20 Welcoming remarks from the DGZ President:
Oliver Gruss /Bonn [DE]
14:20 - 17:00 Session I: Autophagy
Chair: Christian Behrends /Munich [DE]
14:20 - 15:20 Keynote Lecture:
Sharon Tooze /London [UK]
Early events in autophagosome formation
15:20 - 15:45 Lecture:
Daniel Klionsky /Ann Arbor [USA]
The regulation of autophagy in yeast
15:45 - 15:55 Short talk:
Lena Munzel /Göttingen [DE]
The molecular function of Atg21 in autophagosome biogenesis
15:55 - 16:25 Coffee Break  
16:25 - 16:35 Short talk:
Sebastian Schuck /Heidelberg [DE]
ESCRT machinery mediates selective microautophagy of endoplasmic reticulum
16:35 - 17:00 Lecture:
Ivan Dikic /Frankfurt [DE]
ER-phagy: from molecular principles to pathogenesis of human diseases
17:00 - 18:00 Fritz Lipmann Lecture:
(Chair: Johannes Herrmann /Kaiserslautern [DE]
Laudatio: Andrei Lupas /Tübingen [DE])
Marino Zerial /Dresden [DE]
Self-organization and biomechanical properties of the endosomal membrane
18:00 - 21:00 Poster Session I with Pretzels and Beer Museum

Thursday, Sept. 26

Time Program Location
08:30 - 09:40 Session II: Autophagy
Chair: Michael Thumm /Göttingen [DE]
08:30 - 08:55 Lecture:
Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen /Turku [FI]
Membrane dynamics in mammalian macroautophagy
08:55 - 09:20 Lecture:
Frank Madeo /Graz [AT]
Fasting regimes and caloric restriction mimetics for healthsspan extension
09:20 - 09:45 Lecture:
Nicholas Ktistakis /Cambridge [UK]
Dynamics of selective and non-selective autophagy: the early steps
09:45 - 09:55 Otto Meyerhof Prize sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim:
(Chair: Annette Beck-Sickinger /Leipzig [DE])
Kathrin Lang /Garching [DE]
Expanding the genetic code - protein chemistry in living systems
09:55 - 10:05 BINDER Innovation Prize sponsored by BINDER GmbH & Co. KG:
Meritxell Huch /Cambridge [UK] & Dresden [DE]
Liver organoids for the study of liver biology and disease
10:05 - 10:35 Coffee Break Audimax
10:35 - 11:55 Session III: Infection
Chair: Tassula Proikas-Cezanne /Tübingen [DE]
10:35- 11:00 Lecture:
Maria Isabel Colombo /Mendoza [AR]
A novel signaling pathway involved in the autophagic response to Staphylococcus aureus infection
11:00 - 11:10 Short talk:
Anna Riebisch /Braunschweig [DE]
A battle for survival – the interplay between autophagy and S. aureus infection
11:10 - 11:35 Lecture:
Fulvio Reggiori /Groningen [NL]
Unconventional functions of ATG proteins in viral infections
11:35 - 11:45 Highlight Compartmentalisation:
Roland Knorr /Potsdam [DE] & Tokyo [JP]
Phase-separated compartments function as scaffolds for autophagosome formation and as selective cargoes
11:45 - 11:55 Highlight Lipid Biology:
Taki Nishimura /London [UK]
Osh Proteins Control Nanoscale Lipid Organization Necessary for PI(4,5)P2 Synthesis
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break Museum
12:30 - 14:00 DGZ membership info Museum/
14:00 - 15:00 Otto Warburg Medal sponsored by Elsevier/BBA:
(Laudatio: Annette Beck-Sickinger /Leipzig [DE])
Marina Rodnina /Göttingen [DE]
Translational Recoding
15:00 - 15:10 Flash Talk Industry:
(Chair: Oliver Gruss /Bonn [DE])
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Hubert Bauch /Oberkochen [DE]
How to improve sensitivity, speed and resolution in a confocal Laser-Scanning Microscope
15:10 - 15:20 Flash Talk Publishing:
(Chair: Tassula Proikas-Cezanne /Tübingen [DE])
Cells, MDPI
Christian Behl / Mainz (DE)
Cells: a peer-reviewed open access journal with a focus on autophagy
15:20 - 17:25 Session IV: Neurodegeneration
Chair: Konstanze Winklhofer /Bochum [DE]
15:20 - 15:45 Lecture:
David Rubinsztein /Cambridge [UK]
Autophagy and neurodegeneration
15:45 - 15:55 Short talk:
Robin Ketteler / London [UK]
Development of a human neuronal cell model of Beta-Propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration (BPAN) as a drug screening platform
15:55 - 16:25 Coffee Break  
16:25 - 16:35 Short talk:
Matthis Synofzik /Tübingen [DE]
A novel deep-intronic WDR45 mutation causes impaired selective autophagy in BPAN
16:35 - 17:00 Lecture:
Heinz Jungbluth /London [UK]
Congenital disorders of autophagy – a novel class of neurometabolic disorders linking neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration
17:00 - 17:25 Lecture:
Richard Youle /Bethesda [USA]
How the kinase PINK1 activates the ubiquitin ligase Parkin to mediate autophagy of mitochondria and impact Parkinson’s disease
17:25 - 17:35 Nikon Young Scientist Award sponsored by Nikon GmbH:
Germán Camargo Ortega /Zurich [CH] & Munich [DE]
Centrosome and microtubule dynamics regulate the balance of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation
17:35 - 17:45 Karl Lohmann Prize:
(Chair: Annette Beck-Sickinger /Leipzig [DE])
Lucas Farnung /Göttingen [DE]
Structural biology of nucleosome passage
17:45 - 17:55 GBM PhD Award:
(Chair: Annette Beck-Sickinger /Leipzig [DE])
Alexander Schubert /San Francisco [USA]
Mechanism of PINK1-mediated ubiquitin phosphorylation
18:00 - 21:00 Reception with Poster Session II Museum
21:00 - 24:00 Networking Museum

Friday, Sept. 27

Time Program Location
08:30 - 09:50 Session V: Ageing
Chair: Tobias Stauber /Berlin [DE]
08:30 - 08:55 Lecture:
Patricia Boya /Madrid [ES]
Autophagy during aging and age-related diseases
08:55 - 09:05 Short talk:
Lilia Pinela Soares Espada /Jena [DE]
Aging-associated inactivation of adaptive stress responses including autophagy limits longevity benefits of the anti-aging drug metformin
09:05 - 09:15 Short talk:
Heinz Osiewacz /Frankfurt [DE]
Impact of sorting nexin PaATG24 on autophagy, aging and development
09:15 - 09:25 Short talk:
Jon Lane /Bristol [UK]
LIR-dependent LMX1B autophagy crosstalk shapes dopaminergic neuronal resilience in Parkinson's
09:25 - 09:50 Lecture:
Kevin Ryan /Glasgow [UK]
Autophagy and cell metabolism in cancer
09:50 - 10:00 Walther Flemming Award sponsored by European Journal of Cell Biology:
Constantinos Demetriades /Cologne [DE]
The TSC/mTOR signaling axis in nutrient sensing and the cellular stress response
10:00 - 10:10 Werner Risau Prize donated by the widow of Werner Risau, Barbara Risau:
Esther Bovay /Münster [DE]
Multiple roles of lymphatic vessels in peripheral lymph node development
10:10 - 10:40 Coffee Break Audimax
10:40 - 12:15 Session VI: Immunology
Chair: Jörn Dengjel /Fribourg [CH]
10:40 - 11:05 Lecture:
Gillian Griffiths /Cambridge [UK]
Autophagic pathways in killer cells
11:05 - 11:15 Short talk:
Marina Jendrach /Berlin [DE]
Regulation of neuroinflammation by autophagy
11:15 - 11:40 Lecture:
Marcus Groettrup /Konstanz [DE]
The cytokine-inducible ubiquitin-like modifier FAT10 in proteasomal degradation and autophagy
11:40 - 11:50 Last Minute Excitement:
Franziska Eck /Munich [DE]
Exploring novel functions of endogenous GABARAPL2
11:50- 12:15 Lecture:
Anne Bertolotti /Cambridge [UK]
Selective inhibition of phosphatases to boost protein quality control: A possible treatment for degenerative diseases
12:15- 14:00 Lunch Break Museum
14:00 - 15:10 Session VII: Cancer
Chair: Marius Lehmberg /Heidelberg [DE]
14:00 - 14:25 Lecture:
Marja Jäättelä /Copenhagen [DK]
Lysosomal leakage - more than a cell suicide mechanism
14:25 - 14:35 Short talk:
Silvia Vega Rubin de Celis / Essen (DE)
Breast tumorigenesis regulation by autophagy and HER2
14:35 - 14:45 Short talk:
Mario Tschan /Bern [CH]
ALK-targeted therapy triggers protective autophagy in EML4-ALK positive lung cancer cells
14:45 - 14:55 Best conference poster award presentation by:
Johannes Herrmann /Kaiserslautern [DE]
(GBM Vice President)
14:55 - 15:05 Closing remarks:
Tassula Proikas-Cezanne /Tübingen [DE]
(Scientific Organizer)
15:05 End of conference